Testosterone Tablets and Pills - Proviron Bayer, Primobolan


Testosterone Pills and Tablets

Popular Testerone Tablets and Pills

Men suffering from low testosterone levels regain back their manhood by having TRT replacement therapies. Tablets and Pills are very effective hormone therapy which are easy to take and flexible. Compared to injections, pellets and testerone gels & patches, they are much more popular and painless.

The benefits and advantages of Testosterone Tablets and pills are:

  1. Painless Replacement Method
  2. Flexible and convenient
  3. Most tablets/pills are available at pharmacies without prescription
  4. Many FDA approved tabs are available

Disadvantages of Testosterone Pills/tabs:

  1. Excess hormones intake may cause puberty signs like pimples and aggressivity to reappear
  2. Not suitable for patients showing tendency for Prostate cancer or Breast Cancer
  3. Contraindicated for patients who are sensitive to steroid hormones
  4. Not appropriate for athletes seeking performnace boost
  5. May cause liver problems (Toxin and fatty Liver)



1. Proviron Bayer

Proviron bayer testosterone tablets

Mesterolone (chemical name) is a very popular tablet being used by men since 1970s. In some regions, it is marketed under the name Proviron by Bayer Schering. It is being prescribed by doctors for the treatment of androgen deficiency/hypogonadism. This medication pill is not used for muscle building/bodybuilding purposes as it is not designed for that. For muscle building there are various specially formulated tablets and injections which are effective.


2. Primobolan

Primobolan testosterone tablets pills

Methenolone Acetate (chemical name) marketed under brand name Primobolan is another very good testosterone tablet which is effective at high dosage. It is believed to be less liver toxic than other oral TRT products on the market. It is a derivative of methenolone and commonly used in body building.




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