Tongkat Ali, The Natural Testosterone Booster


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TONGKAT ALI (Eurycoma Longifolia) is a medicinal plant originated from Indonesia, Malaysia, and it is also found in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

It is very popular for its sexual performance booster properties as well as its numerous other medicinal properties. It has been said that this plant can cure hundreds of ailments and diseases. It is also known as the "bitter medicine" and in USA it is most popularly known as "Long Jack" or "Longjack".


tongkat ali medicinal tree


Tongkat Ali Benefits

The longjack plant's extracts have been scientifically tested on rats during lab experiment and the result were very positive. It has proven to increase virility and sexual activity of the rodents. This characteristic is well known to Asian people since ages and they are taking full advantage of it. For instance, in Malaysia, it is even considered as the local via-gra by the locals. Nowadays, the western countries market also is well aware of its Testosterone Supplements effects.


longjack medicinal extracts


During its experiments, Sperm Count has also provnd to increase and it is a sign of hope for those being treated for infertility.

In case of Low Testosterone levels in men, it can inverse the effects of estrogen over testosterone and sperm production. This has also been confirmed by a group of scientists who worked on research project.

It can fight osteoporosis and help build strong bones.

Other key benefits of Tongkat Ali:
Anabolic Effect on men - Muscle and Body Building Improvement
Cytotoxic properties
Fight against breast-cancer


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Longjack Side Effects

Restlessness and hyperactiveness due to being more energetic. This can also be a benefit as people need more energy and enthusiasm. Better not to be consumed in high dosage before sleep.

Raised libido and sex drive. Can be a problem if you are a lonely guy....

Aggresive Behavior, this is normal with a Booster products. Young people have more testosterone levels and you would notice that they are more aggressive in their youth.


Word of caution:

These tongkat ali products are extremely popular and beware, there is a vast number of such items on sale which are fake or simply ineffective. For your information, there is one patent on this product owned by the Malaysian Government and MIT.

The following testosterone booster products have been reviewed. They are sold by which already proves its genuineness. Amazon sells quality products only!

1. Natural Tongkat Ali

100:1 Extract

tongkat ali medicinal  extract

This product has many satisfied customers all around the world. It is pure Indonesia Tongkat Ali extracts which can be purchased from Amazon. Long Jack has become popular all around the world as an effective and natural male supplements.

There are many books on this plant and its medicinal properties.

2. Source Naturals Male Libido Tonic

longjack medicinal

This tablet claims to boost the Libido of the consumers. Known as a T Booster and this is no secret.

Buy with confidence from Amazon.


3. Tongkat Ali LJ100 100 to 1 Extract

long jack

This is a genuine plant extract which brings you all the wonders of Tongkat Ali. This product has received good reviews.

Please note that this product must not be taken along with other Longjack based products or other similar products. Excess Testosterone may give you a too high libido.


4. TEST WORx - 6 Wk Cycle

Test Work Testerone Supplement

Ingredients clinically tested and proven to increase testosterone levels in HUMAN clinical trials

Made In USA
70-132% increase in serum testerone levels within a few weeks
Proprietary blend of ingredients including LJ100
20% Eurypeptides blend, Improves muscle development, recovery, increase se drive and burn body fat

test work money back warramty
100% money-back guarantee from Amazon and Superior Lab

TestWORx® contains the very potent and most effective EuryPeptides® ingredient developed by the researchers at the University Malaya and MIT to raise testosterone levels.



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