Testosterone injections are available on sale off the counter at your usual pharmacy. however, there are some brands of injections which may require a doctor’s prescription due to the possible abuse that people can make of it. There are two types of users of such therapy. There is one type of users who take it for medical treatment due to a chronic deficiency in testosterone levels. They need the hormone replacement therapy to regain their health. There is another type of users who take testosterone injections for sports/bodybuilding and workout boost. They usually take it to gain muscle and mass and get a boost in workout strength. This is the reason why such products are regulated as people tend to abuse and take it without medical supervision.

There are some testosterone injections for sale which have undergone adequate clinical trials and they are distributed by well known labs like Bayer. World popular brands of Testosterone Injections For Sale are Androtardyl, Aveed from Endo Pharmaceuticals, Depo Testosterone, and Sustanon. The FDA issues communications about possible risks factors associated with testosterone injections for sale in the USA

There are many alternatives for testosterone injections for sale online and at medical stores. Alternatives can be in the form of patches, pellets, pills and gel. Testim, AndroGel, FIRST-Testosterone, Androderm, FIRST-Testosterone MC, Fortesta Axiron are popular gel brands widely available and which need to be applied locally.

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