Known Side Effects of Testerone Boosters

Supplements are best taken under medical supervision. Although a prescription is not necessary for the majority of products on the market, it is much safer to get medical advice first before starting a Replacement Therapy. Among many products, ageless male is a very popular brand and targeted at aging men. This particular products does not cause serious effects.

The following Side Effects for Testosterone intake in general are known to us:

1. Excess Testosterone Levels

Too much Testosterone in the system will make the person aggressive and agitated. Such behaviours are usually seen in teenagers when their body are creating hormone during puberty. These side effects are temporary and will disappear once the traces of excess hormones wear off.

2. Facial Rash/Pimples – Supplements Side effects

Another Side Effect is the appearance of rash on face. This is not a general side effects and may not be applicable to everyone. The rash/pimples is temporary condition.

3. High Libido and High Sexual Desire

Those taking Booster Supplements may feel very high sexual desires as side effects. Up to an extent this is the major property of Testosterone Supplements but after excess usage or overdose, symptoms of very high sexual desires may appear and may lead to some social problems. Those living alone (not having a partner) may find it difficult to control themselves.

4. Prostate Problems

Prostate Problems may occur due TRT. There are some lab tests like PSA which your doctor may order to make sure you do not have prostate problems prior to taking any such male supplementations. If you already have such problems, it may worsen with Testosterone intake.

5. Liver Problems

Liver processes all toxins in the body. However, there are some pills which contain a higher level of toxic substances which may add additional burden on the liver. These pills side effects can cause damage on the liver in the long run. Liver Function lab Test (LFT) is advisable so as to monitor any such side effects.

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Ageless Male Side effects

Ageless Male is a very popular products and highly beneficial to aging men. Ageless male side effects are minimal. In studies conducted by various testing bodies, no significant adverse effects have been notified.